Established in 1985, WellTech Scientific is an internationally recognized new & used high-tech lab equipment company exporting to Europe, South America, East Asia, and more. We sell equipment piece-by-piece and service what we sell. Upon a specific customer order, we will also custom fit an entire lab on turnkey-basis. We stock only high-quality instruments and most of them come with warranty. Our corporate aim is to provide high quality instruments at affordable prices.


Fulfill Laboratory Needs

We provide equpiment for analytical labs, biophysical labs, biotechnology labs, chemistry labs, DNA/RNA/Protein Labs, Environmental labs, Pharmaceutical labs, and Clinical labs University Labs. We provide technical services such as repair contracts and emergency replacement contracts.

Do “Turn-key base” Projects

We specialized in setup works to outfit an entire research lab on turn-key base projects.

Do “Laboratory Network” Designs.

We specialized in designs & setup works of Laboratory Network for instruments to Data Control Room in your specific area, or under your requirements. Our works feature; Remote Status Monitoring and Control, Flexible information and Storage, Smooth Integration, Enhanced Laboratory Security and Compliance.

Extensive List of Laboratory Equipment Inventory

We have Spectrophotometers (Uv-Vis, Diode Array, Lumine-Fluorescence, Polarimeter, IR/NIR/FT-IR, MS, AA, ICP, NMR, XRF). Chromatographs, Biotech Equipment, Microscope, Clinical Lab Equipment, General Lab equipment, and other detectors & testers currently available.

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