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  WELL2716 JASCO J815 Research-Grade Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrometer

The JASCO J-815 CD spectrometer are capable of measuring over a wavelength range of 163nm to 900nm (or 163nm to 1100nm) in the measurement techniques of;
  • Circular Dichroism(CD)
  • Optical Rotary Dispersion(ORD)
  • Fluorescence Detected CD(FDCD)
  • UV(Single)absorbance
  • Automated titration and thermal ramping Linear dichroism (LD)
  • Diffuse Reflectance/Transmittance CD (DRCD/DTCD)
  • Stopped-flow CD, Stopped-flow absorbance, Stopped-flow fluorescence
  • High throughput CD (HTCD)
  • Magnetic CD (MCD)
  • Chiral HPLC detection (LCCD)
    Optional Sample Accessories are also available such as;
  • #1. PTC-423 Peltier-controlled Thermostated Single Cell Holder(size:10mmX10mm).
  • #1. PTC-424 Peltier-controlled 6-Position Cell Changer.
  • #2. PFD-425 Peltier-Controlled Thermostated Single Cell Holder (size:10mmX10mm), CD/simultaneous Fluorescence Capability which enables temperature control using the temperature control program with the addition of a 90˚port to allow simultaneous detection of Total Fluorescence, Scanning Emission Fluorescence as well as Fluorescence Detected CD(FDCD).
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