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  WELL2714 Foss NIRSystems XDS Rapid Content Analyzer (RCA) Near Infrared Spectrophotometer

The FOSS XDS Rapid Content Analyzer(RCA) provides rapid non-destructive analysis of virtually any solid, viscous and liquid samples making it ideal for research laboratories. Advanced NIR technology and a full spectrum, 400-2500 nm, research grade spectrometer gives you maximum performance and full flexibility in your choice of analytical parameters.
  • Non-destructive analysis of solids and liquids in less than one minute � through bags, glass, vials or beakers
  • No sample preparation, no reagents, no waste
  • Network-capable analyzer for central database management
  • Exchangeable modules in ongoing operations � replace modules in a few minutes without performance loss
  • Windows-7 O/S & Spectral Analysis Software
  • Options Available/Calibration Standards: #1. Certified XDS Reflectance Standards (complete set of 6) & #2. Calibration Spectrum File

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