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  WELL2686 AVIV 400 410 420 Research-Grade Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrometer

Aviv model 400 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer records CD as a function of wavelength, time, temperature, pH and concentration using a double monochromator containing two UV grade prisms as dispersing elements. Right and left circularly polarized light is produced by a 50 KHz photoelastic modulator. The instrument includes CD software by AVIV for instrument control, data acquisition, processing and publication quality presentations in a Windows-XPenvironment. All experiment parameters are accessed through pull down menus. Control panels allow easy entry of all data acquisition parameters.
  • Air-cooled CD System. Wavelength Range: 165 nm to 900 nm. Optional to 1200nm.
  • Stray Light: Less than 0.005% at 200 nm, less than 0.1% over operating limits.
  • This 400 CD spectrometer is controlled by AVIV Pentium-4 PC & Windows-XP Pro based Model-400 CD program software. 115VAC, 60Hz.
  • More information avilable upon request.

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